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medical clothing for midwives

Medical clothing for midwives and ergonomics at work: what is worth knowing?

The work of a midwife is very demanding - every nurse's daily routine involves many hours on their feet, readiness for immediate action and long on-call duties. That is why it is essential that medical clothing for [...]

medical sweatshirt icon choco

Minimalist and modern style in plus size medical wear

Is medical fashion accessible to plus size wearers? Absolutely! Medical clothing can be modern, stylish and comfortable at any size. In recent years, designers [...]

medical clothing for paediatricians

Can medical clothing for paediatricians affect relationships with young patients?

The work of a doctor is very demanding, regardless of specialisation. However, there is no doubt that paediatricians are a special group of medics - not only must they have the necessary knowledge and skills to [...]

Dark Royal - medical clothing for dentists

What clothing for dentists? Does choosing the right uniform affect the dentist's comfort?

The work of a dentist is extremely precise and demanding, so - as much as possible - it is worth making it easier for yourself, or at least more comfortable. Z [...]

medical gown

What is a medical apron and what types are there?

The medical apron is an essential piece of clothing for many healthcare professionals, with important practical and hygienic functions. In this article, we will discuss what medical aprons are, their [...]

styling with women's medical sweatshirt in deep marine colour

Medical clothing in the beauty industry

Professionalism in the beauty industry does not end with - although they are undoubtedly the most important - the skills and knowledge of the professionals. An equally important element is the right [...].

medical clothing for male and female students

Medical garments for male and female students: essential for classes and practices

Medical apparel for medical students is not only practical clothing, but also an expression of their professionalism and commitment to their future career. The right medical clothing influences comfort, [...]

men's medical trousers slim fit front

Medical clothing for the dentist: what to keep in mind to choose the best?

In the work of a dentist, it is extremely important to maintain appropriate standards of hygiene and comfort. Professional clothing for dentists plays a key role in meeting these requirements, so it is worth paying attention to [...]

women's summer medical wear

Medical clothing for summer - how to choose the right material and fabrics?

Summer is a time when high temperatures and hot weather can make it difficult for medical staff to work. That is why it is important to choose the right medical clothing for summer to ensure thermal comfort [...]

medical gown

Medical staff dress colours - do you know what they mean?

In hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, the colours of staff clothing matter. They are not coincidental; on the contrary, they reflect the functions performed by individual staff members. It is therefore worth [...]