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Medical staff dress colours - do you know what they mean?

In hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, the colours of staff clothing matter. They are not coincidental; on the contrary, they reflect the functions performed by individual staff members. It is therefore useful to know what the different colours of aprons and clothes worn by medical staff mean.

Variety of colours of medical clothing

The dress colours in the hospital are intended to to make it easier to recognise the different professional groups and the functions they perform in the facility. In Poland, there are no uniform regulations on the colour of medical gowns, but there are some unwritten rules that are applied in most hospitals and other health facilities. So what does the colour of a hospital gown mean? Let's find out!

White coats - doctors and nurses

The white colour of the apron is the most common among medical staff. Traditionally white coats are worn by doctors and nurses. The white colour is supposed to symbolise cleanliness, hygiene and professionalism. It is worth mentioning that in the case of specialist doctors, such as surgeons or anaesthetists, white aprons can be replaced by clothes of other colours that will be more practical for their daily work.

Green aprons - surgical staff

The green colour of hospital gowns is reserved for staff working in operating theatres. Green clothing aims to reduce visual fatigue caused by looking at red tissues for long periods of time during surgery. In addition, the green colour has calming properties, which can benefit the concentration and focus of medical staff.

Blue aprons - support staff

In many medical facilities ancillary staff, such as the orderlies, orderlies and medical technicians, wear blue aprons. This colour makes it easy to distinguish these professional groups from doctors and nurses. Blue also symbolises calmness and trust, which can influence patients' perceptions of these professionals.

Pink aprons - midwives

In some hospitals midwives wear pink aprons. The colour is associated with delicacy and femininity, which can influence patients' feelings of safety and comfort during childbirth.

It is worth adding that other colours are also used in some medical facilities medical gowns and other items of clothing for staff. In children's hospitals, for example, it is common to see staff in colourful aprons printed with fairytale characterswhich aim to improve the mood of young patients. In addition, in some specialised wards, such as oncology or psychiatry, staff may wear clothes with calm, pastel colours to influence the atmosphere in the facility.

To sum up, the colours of medical staff dress have an important function - They make it easier to identify the various professional groups and influence the atmosphere in the healthcare facility. It is therefore worth paying attention to the colour of the gowns worn by medical staff in order to get a better idea of their functions and competences.

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