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The best women's medical trousers - how do you recognise them?

A fashionable cut, comfortable to wear, many colours to choose from, plus high quality and complete hygiene - are there women's trousers that meet all these criteria? Yes, but you won't find them in a chain shop because they are reserved for ladies working in specific industries: medical and beauty. Check out what else makes the best women's medical trousers stand out.

Firstly: comfort and functionality

The work of a doctor, physiotherapist or nurse is demanding. Long duty cycles, many patients to be cared for at all times, treatments that sometimes last several hours - knowledge, skills and experience are not enough to cope with these duties. Comfortable clothing is essential. To make sure your new medical trousers are comfortable and functional, look out for:

  •       quality of workmanship - solid, reinforced seams and correct cut will ensure that the trousers will keep their cut for a long time, even after many washings. An investment in decent, made-in-Poland medical clothing pays for itself quickly; badly cut, "tape" sewn trousers will quickly deform and need to be frequently replaced;
  •       functionality - medical trousers are not tracksuits for training. The well-thought-out arrangement of an adequate number of pockets and pouches will allow you to keep all the little things you need at work with you, such as your phone, pen or thermometer;
  •       Wearing comfort - absolutely essential. When choosing medical trousers for yourself, be sure to pay attention to the cut. More details and tips can be found below.

Second: casual but fashionable cut

Let's not be afraid to put it bluntly - women like to look good. Of course, not all ladies follow the latest trends at all costs, but I don't think any lady would choose ugly, too tight or too big trousers if she can choose nice ones that fit her figure.

Creating the offer  women's medical trousers Noshi, we have included cuts that are versatile and will fit literally every figure. The criteria of maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal are met:

  •       Medical joggers - the fashion for joggers has not gone away for years. Joggers used to be the standard tracksuit bottoms, nowadays there are jeans, fabric trousers and linen trousers in this cut; so why not take advantage of this cut in women's medical trousers? Loose, but not too bulky, legs of the right length finished with a soft drawstring, a wide elastic band with a drawstring at the waist, allowing you to freely adjust the width - what more do you want?
  •       Medical slim fit trousers - a timeless, universal cut for every woman. The medical edition additionally features four practical pockets. The tapered legs have been improved for medical comfort with small slits on the outside, so that the trousers are not too tight at the ankles and the legs can be easily folded up if necessary.

Third: premium quality material

A great cut of women's medical trousers will be of little use if they are sewn from questionable quality fabric. The material composition of the Noshi trousers is polyester - 67%, viscose - 27% and spandex - 6%, making the fabric a premium quality fabric. What are its determinants?

  •       Thanks to the presence of viscose and spandex, the trousers are soft and flexible and therefore comfortable;
  •       The trousers do not crease, which is very important because they always look aesthetically pleasing without having to be ironed;
  •       Stretchable in four directions - unhindered movement and a perfect fit;
  •       and most importantly, the trousers are breathable, with excellent air circulation. They are perfect even in summer in non-air-conditioned rooms without causing discomfort, intense sweating or chaffing.

Fourth: classic blue, or perhaps pink or deep maroon?

Finally, we have left an issue that is perhaps irrelevant to the functionality, sterility and comfort of wearing medical trousers - the wealth of colours to choose from. Some ladies feel more comfortable in pastel colours, others in intense colours. In an effort to cater to different tastes, we have ensured that our medical joggers and tapered trousers (as well as other items of clothing, such as the  scrubs or blouses) were available in both the more classic colours (blue, beige) and those once not seen in hospital corridors - deep maroon, black, pink or bottle green.

A well-chosen, in-your-face colour of the medical uniform helps to build up a good image of female healthcare workers in the eyes of patients; moreover, a wide choice of colours makes it possible, for example, to choose one that matches the décor of the surgery or the entire clinic. A consistent image of the medics and the workplace also inspires - if only subconsciously - trust in patients and gives them the feeling that they are in good, professional hands.

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