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About Us


NOSHI is a carefully designed Polish medical clothing brand based on innovative fabrics and minimalist design.

W NOSHI We focus above all on combining a fashionable look with precision workmanship and durable and pleasant-to-touch materials.

We produce medical scrubs and medical uniforms with different cuts and colour variations. Medical clothingthat we offer is made of the best quality fabrics that are wash-resistant, durable and, above all, breathable.

Medical clothing is a new project for us, but the medical fashion has been observed by us for a long time. Our fashion specialists have prepared scrubs i uniforms in such a way as to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

All products NOSHI were designed and then sewn in a small family sewing room in the Podkarpacie region. From the very beginning, the sewing room operated by focusing on quality rather than quantity.