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Medical clothing for physiotherapists

They are the specialists you go to with unbearable back pain - physiotherapists. They see patients in hospitals, clinics, public and private centres, and often make home visits: we are sure that more than a few of them would be happy to undergo muscle relaxation treatments themselves. Noshi does not offer treatments, but it can offer comfortable medical clothing for physiotherapists, which will certainly enhance the quality of the work (and no doubt improve the well-being) of the professionals.

Physiotherapist comfort

A physiotherapist's clothing should, above all, be comfortable. Contrary to appearances, their work is hard and physically demanding. A physiotherapist's comfort will certainly improve the breathable and airy clothing with excellent wicking properties: suitable for all thermal conditions. Not every practice has air conditioning; air conditioning in flats is not yet standard either, yet home visits are an important part of a physiotherapist's work.

We would guess that sportswear of various kinds fulfils at least some of the above conditions. However, it is worth bearing in mind that medical clothing is distinguished by features that all those working in the medical profession will appreciate. It is very important that Noshi garments do not crease, are resistant to high temperature washing - which is of considerable importance, as it is easier to comply with hygiene and occupational safety requirements - do not shrink or stretch, and do not lose their cut.

What material should a physiotherapist's outfit be made of?

It is worth taking a closer look at this very important issue. The quality and functionality of medical garments for physiotherapists is primarily influenced by the material from which they are made. In our experience the best outfit for health care workers is one with both natural and synthetic fibres in the material composition. A cotton outfit for a physiotherapist is not the best choice: the natural fabric has little elasticity, creases easily and absorbs moisture instead of wicking it away. Working for several hours in a uniform made of pure cotton has nothing to do with comfort.

The material composition of our women's medical blouses and men's trousers and trousers for physiotherapists are polyester, viscose and spandex. This combination makes the fabric pleasant to the touch, resistant to fuzzing and durable. In addition, the Noshi garments are stretchable in four directions, making the garments comfortable to move around with a perfect fit.

A must have for physiotherapists: scrubs

What are medical scrubs and why are they a great choice for physiotherapists? These are sets of clothing designed with medics in mind. They are characterised by their loose fit, but do not worry about being too bulky: choose the right size, bearing in mind that scrubs do not lie 'close to the body'. Scrubs usually consist of medical trousers and a tunic or blouse with a distinctive V neckline. They are favoured by medical staff for their comfortable cut and functionality.

They also enjoy the appreciation of physiotherapists as women working in constant motion. The attire of women involved in manual therapy should not expose too much of the body: it is easy to assume a position during treatments in which too much cleavage or a medical skirt will additionally reveal not necessarily as much as the specialist would like to show. It is much better, for your own well-being, to equip yourself with a women's medical trousers and sweatshirt.

Fortunately, female physiotherapists (and, naturally, physiotherapists) do not have to sacrifice great looks for professionalism. Scrubs are available in many colours to choose from. You can create a set in a uniform colour or match two different ones. Buying trousers and a top uniform in several different colours will allow you to look different almost every day.

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