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Medical clothing for nurses: comfort in style

"Sister", "little sister", "dear"... for most, if not all patients, the nurse is the first person they can contact while in a hospital ward. Nurses also work in outpatient clinics, are present in outpatient clinics, and come to patients for home visits. Patients appreciate their efforts and treat them with great respect. In performing such an important, almost indispensable function, the nurse should take care of her own comfort: only with good health can she devote herself to her work. Let's start with something very simple: appropriate medical clothing for nurses.

Convenience first

Assisting patients, assisting doctors, long on-call duties and walking many kilometres around the wards - the work of a nurse, although important and absolutely necessary, is difficult and can be tiring. There is no reason to make your daily tasks even more difficult: it is better to make yourself as comfortable as possible and choose comfortable medical clothing for nurses.

Above all, clothing for nurses should be breathable, although made of sturdy materials, and sufficiently flexible to allow full freedom of movement. A good choice could be a medical dress or a blouse and skirt: in such a "uniform" you can feel both comfortable and elegant, it is perfect for hot days and undoubtedly helps to build a professional image.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that such clothing is not suitable in every situation: changing the position of the patient, assistance in daily hygiene and similar activities, in which one has to strain, bend or simply walk a lot, are not conducive to the comfortable wearing of dresses. Therefore, it is better to leave this part of the wardrobe for off-duty situations and opt for comfortable and airy, but stylish clothes at work,  women's medical trousers.

Medical trousers for nurses. Why is this the best choice?

Why should every nurse own Noshi medical trousers? Obviously because we create them with the utmost comfort of the ladies working in healthcare in mind, and we guarantee that they will perform perfectly even during a very long tour of duty. We've made sure that the nurses' trousers are not only comfortable, but also look great. Noshi's women's medical trousers do not crease, are resistant to high-temperature laundering (which is important for hygiene and occupational safety requirements), and look great.

We offer two cuts of medical trousers for nurses: both will work for literally any figure. We have made an effort to ensure that the versatile cuts look great, whatever your figure. They are:

  • Medical joggers - joggers became fashionable a few, if not a dozen years ago and are still a favourite cut for many women. Most of us may associate sweatpants with this name, but there are jeans, fabric trousers and linen trousers to choose from in this cut. We have used all their qualities to create women's medical joggers. With their loose, but not too bulky, leg length, soft drawstring waistband and wide elastic waistband with a drawstring tie for free width adjustment, they will appeal to every nurse;
  • Medical slim fit trousers - and if not joggers, how about slims? This is a timeless, versatile cut for every woman. A regular waist and gently tapered legs that don't hug the legs and calves: sounds like the perfect trousers! In the medical edition, we have additionally equipped them with four practical pockets. The legs have small slits on the outside so that the trousers are not too tight at the ankles, and the legs can be easily rolled up if necessary.

Quality of finish for nurses' garments

We are aware that many online shops offer clothing for nurses. But do they all have a range of premium quality clothing? Noshi does! The material composition of our women's medical blouses and trousers is polyester - 67%, viscose - 27% and spandex - 6%. In practice, this means that:

  • Thanks to the addition of viscose and spandex, the trousers are soft and flexible and therefore comfortable;
  • trousers do not crease. You don't have to spend precious time ironing them to make them look good;
  • the trousers stretch in four directions, so they do not restrict movement and adapt perfectly to the figure.

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