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Medical clothing for midwives and ergonomics at work: what is worth knowing?

The work of a midwife is very demanding - every nurse's daily routine involves many hours on their feet, readiness for immediate action and long on-call duties. That is why it is so important that medical clothing for midwives is made of materials that ensure comfort during work. It is also worth bearing in mind the antibacterial properties and ease of cleaning, which is important in a medical environment.

Functionality of medical clothing for midwives

Various accessories such as a thermometer, scissors and a pen are essential in the daily work of a nurse. Therefore, medical clothing for midwives should be equipped with practical pockets to facilitate the storage of essential items. It is also worth noting other functional solutions, such as zips, width adjustment straps or clever spaces for badges.

In addition, comfortable and easily removable footwear and accessories such as caps and disposable gloves, which may be necessary in certain situations, are also essential.

The importance of medical clothing for the image of midwives

Midwifery is a profession that requires a professional approach and building a sense of trust and security among patients. This is why it is so it is important that medical clothing for midwives should look aesthetically pleasing and elegant. Look out for cuts that accentuate the silhouette while being comfortable and practical. In addition, colours medical clothing for midwives should be subdued - white or pastel shades are the best choice.

Very pink scrubs are popular in gynaecology and obstetrics wards: this colour is associated with femininity, warmth and gentleness. It is also worth thinking about the possibility of personalising medical garments by adding the facility's logo or other graphic elements to emphasise the professional nature of the midwife's work.

How does the right medical garment affect the comfort of the profession?

Appropriate medical clothing for midwives is key to ergonomics at work. Comfortable fabrics and practical, well-fitting cuts mean that the midwife can concentrate on her duties without worrying about the garment - in fact, without paying much attention to it.

Well-chosen medical garments that provide thermoregulation and freedom of movement also go some way to reducing the sensation of fatigue, which is particularly important during a long working day. It is therefore worth investing in the right medical clothing that not only makes you comfortable, but also emphasises your professionalism and commitment. Of course, it is also necessary to remember to change the garment regularly to keep its properties and aesthetic appearance at the highest level.

How to wash and disinfect medical clothing for midwives?

Although this may seem obvious, it is important to wash midwives' medical clothes separately from other clothes. This will avoid the transfer of bacteria and viruses to other garments and ensure more effective removal of soiling. In addition, it is a good idea to look for garments that do not require higher temperatures for washing: this will ensure that the medical garments last much longer. Our scrubs and aprons are washable as low as 40℃.!

Choosing the right detergents and disinfectants is crucial to maintaining the hygiene of medical garments. Bactericidal and virucidal detergents should be used to effectively remove dirt and neutralise dangerous micro-organisms. In addition, it is worth looking out for products with added enzymes, which make it easier to remove blood stains or secretions. It is also important to the use of mild softeners, which not only make ironing clothes easier, but also help maintain the protective properties of the fabrics and improve the comfort of the garments.

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