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Medical garments for male and female students: essential for classes and practices

Medical clothing for students Medicine is not only about practical clothing, but also an expression of their professionalism and commitment to their future career. The right medical clothing influences their comfort at work and also builds a positive image in the eyes of patients and colleagues. In the following article, we take a look at trends, functionality and features to look out for when choosing medical clothing for female students.

Medical clothing for female students - fashionable yet practical

For female medical students, it is important that medical clothing is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Today, also at Noshi, there are available various models of aprons, blouses and trousers combining fashionable design with practical use. It is worth paying attention to the materials of the clothes - they should be breathable, easy to clean and comfortable to wear for a long time.

The colour scheme of medical clothing for female students is also important - it is advisable to choose muted colours such as white, grey or navy blue, which are versatile and fit in well with the medical environment. Some universities also require a specific pattern or colour of clothingIt is therefore worth checking these requirements before purchase.

Functionality of medical clothing for students

As with female students, it is important for medical clothing to be practical and comfortable. Look out for features such as pockets that make it easy to store essential accessories, or fasteners that allow clothes to be put on and taken off quickly and easily..

The materials used for medical clothing should be durable and easy to clean - This is particularly important for aprons or gowns that are exposed to various substances. Good quality medical garments should also be able to withstand frequent washing and high temperatures, which is essential due to the hygiene requirements in medical facilities.

When choosing medical clothing for male and female students, it is important that it fits the figure. Clothing should fit properly but at the same time not restrict movement, which is particularly important when performing various procedures or working on the wards. It is worth paying attention to items such as sleeve length, shoulder width and waist circumference to ensure that medical clothing is comfortable and does not cause discomfort when worn.

Personalisation of medical clothing

Many universities and medical facilities require students to have personalised medical clothing - For example, with an embroidered name or album number. Personalisation of clothing can also influence the sense of belonging to a group and make it easier for patients or colleagues to identify the student. It is therefore worth investing in such solutions that further emphasise professionalism and commitment to a future medical career. At Noshi, we provide the service of applying permanent, aesthetic, free-form embroidery to blouses, aprons and trousers.

Medical clothing for pharmacy students

During the practical classes in pharmacy studies, students come into contact with various chemicals and medicines. Proper medical clothing protects the skin from accidental contact with these substances and also ensures hygiene at work. In addition, appropriate clothing contributes to the professional image of future pharmacists and facilitates the identification of employees in a professional environment.

An important part of buying medical garments is choosing the right material to make them. The best are those that are breathable and easy to cleansuch as cotton or cotton/polyester blends with viscose, spandex. It is worth noting material grammage: the higher, the better the protection against the penetration of chemicals.

Another important element is the cut of medical clothing. For female pharmacy students, the following are particularly important comfort and freedom of movement. For this reason, it is advisable to choose clothes with a looser cut that do not restrict movement, but at the same time are not too bulky, so as not to hinder your work.

Fashion and individuality, or what does contemporary medical clothing look like for female pharmacy students?

The times when medical clothing was associated only with white gowns are long gone. Today, manufacturers offer wide range of colours and patterns, so every pharmacy student can express her style and personality. It's worth investing in a few different models of medical garments so that you can mix and match them freely and experiment with different styles.

Accessories such as scarves, neckerchiefs and shawls have also become extremely popular, which can be worn both at work and at university. They allow a rapid change of image and add a touch of elegance to everyday attire.

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