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Clothes for beauticians: which ones are worth choosing?

How should a beautician be dressed? Certainly neat and comfortable: such clothing is not difficult to find in an ordinary women's clothing shop. However, it is essential to bear in mind that the uniform for a beautician must also meet the hygiene standards of the relevant regulations. Fortunately, you do not have to give up the high aesthetics and comfort of your outfit for the sake of adhering to rigid sanitary rules.

Why is the right beautician uniform so important?

Choosing the right outfit for a beautician is not easy. The ladies in this profession work with patients on a daily basis, carrying out different types of treatments for them: so it seems obvious that uThe beautician's niform should resemble that worn by medics. However, the specific nature of the work is that in cosmetology, care and beauty treatments are carried out, so it is desirable that - in addition to, naturally, skills and experience - the professionalism of the beautician should be backed up by an impeccable appearance, which means, among other things, dress.

Like combine meeting the hygiene requirements necessary for working with patients with a highly aesthetic, pleasing image? Medical clothing for beauticians is the best choice.

Medical clothing for beauticians - the best choice

Comfortable, beautiful, modern medical blouses and trousers as well as accessories, plus a wealth of colours and cuts, high-quality materials, a wide range of sizes, the possibility to personalise the garments with, for example, a robust embroidery with the practice's logo on it: all this is offered by Noshi with a view to meeting the expectations of beauticians and their patients.

We make sure that the medical clothing for beauticians had a protective function and raised the sterility level of the workplace, effectively protecting the ladies from contact with the patient's blood and external microorganisms. Scrubsjoggers and other elements of our uniforms are made of materials in which the skin breathes freely, even in difficult thermal conditions or during very long, demanding treatmentswhich has a direct impact on the beautician's working comfort. Fashionable fashions and colours also do their part - helping to build a friendly, professional image of the specialist in the eyes of patients.

What's better for a beautician: medical trousers or a skirt?

Undoubtedly, a skirt that is well-fitted to the figure and of the right length looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that only certain beauticians can afford to incorporate it into their daily uniform: these are, for example, nail stylists who spend a considerable part of their working time in a sitting position.

For the vast majority of ladies working in the beauty industry, a better choice would be women's medical trousers. Fortunately, this piece of clothing can also be as feminine and elegant as it is comfortable; the universal slim fit, with a standard length top and slightly tapered legs, will look great when properly tailored to the figure. Together with the colour-matched, in-your-face sweatshirt, it will create a stylish, modern set in which every beautician will feel great and ready to overcome everyday challenges.

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